Welcome to Copsale Hall


The Copsale hall is indebted to The National Lottery, Biffa, The Sussex Community Fund, the Parish Council and HDC for the grants that have been awarded to the hall to fund the necessary improvements/updates at the back of the hall. Added to the grant funding the hall has received donations from many supporters which have been very warmly received.

Refurbishment for the hall is nearing completion. The hall will reopen soon with consideration to current Covid restrictions.

Keep your eyes on the website (What’s On) and Facebook for updates on the re-opening of the hall.


Monthly Bacon Butties will return when refurbishment is complete and the current isolation programme is resolved.


Help us with the history of Copsale Hall

Have you used Copsale Hall before? Have you been to an event at the Hall before?  If so we want to hear from you.

The Local History Society is in the process of building an archive of Copsale Hall. If you have any memories, pictures, anecdotes or contacts with the Hall and it’s past (that means any time before today) we would love to know. If you have any photos, postcards, paintings, cuttings, drawings, plans, correspondence and the like we would love to see them. All original material will be scanned and returned safely.

It may be that you attended the youth club that used to be held here. You may have been to a party just a couple of years ago. Maybe you have older relatives who remember the Hall. If you have anything that you think is relevant please contact us.

Copsale Hall   Bar Lane   Copsale   RH13 6QT

registered charity no. 1171081